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All investments are able to generate highest  possible returns.  
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Zurich International
I invested in Zurich International and ask for surrender value
Wow after 5 years with a Bad Return , they`re charging me
50% to surrender i.e. they`re taking more out than I put in
Also they`re charge maint. fee per year .....
Forget this 15year ploy etc.
Learned my lesson...


More than a few people in Japan and HK were burned, scalded, or seared; and either lost money or ended up with plans that were less flexible
than they originally planned for. I know of at least one that went to court.
Cleaning up the finance industry is long overdue, though it would seem to be a Herculean effort, similar to his cleaning the stables.


offshore accounts

about 7 years ago i actually worked for one of these places in Tokyo . my advice to you all would be to stay away. most of these contracts are
put so you cannot touch your money for 20 years or longer no matter what they tell you. the commissions are much higher for them that way. i
would stick to investments with an advisor in your home countries. in addition, i invested in a fund that was robbed by the owner and lost 60k ,
about 100k USD in todays dollars.a mr.
.. if you have specific questions then send them to me via personal mail


Hindsight is 20/20, JonnyR.
I wish that I had inspected the bag of pencil shavings before I laid down $40 for it, but I didn't, and I got screwed. Salespeople and 'Advisors'
aren't always honest and fine-print is intentionally wordy and hard to read. It sounds like Skandia can offer fixed rates of returns on investments
because it manages to screw enough people within the terms of the contract.


Hi all,

I bought into a Royal skandia (should be skamdia) and afetr 4 yrs of putting money into it had to take a break.
They charge an awful lot to take a break. aparently this is the only company out of all the companies financial advisors
recommend that charge you for taking a break.


In regards to what you guys are talking about. I invested in Meyer asset management's Zurich Supra International Savings and Investment Plan
in September 2002. I have been contributing 30000 yen a month since that time. Recently I have decided to get married and have enquired to
what the Surrender Value and Surrender Penalty would be. It is a 15 year investment, and after two and a half years the investment has become
worth about 1,000,000 yen ($10000USD). I will get only 50% of that back if I surrender the investment now. So the penalties and fees amoun to
50% of what I have invested because I am supposedly paying for 15 years of penalties and fees from the beginning. In the brochure that I still
have it states the following:


Objective Trading Ltd

Yet another unregulated 'investment' firm, ie, no license from the Financial Services Authority.

But then, they'll only be looking to attract foreigners, so who cares.

Buyer beware......


Not that they are bad people but the guy at Banner who sold me the Skandia account sold it to me like it is the most flexible thing on earth. He
said I could take a break after a couple of years or stop paying (well I guess I can do a lot of things including jumping off the roof but probably
shouldn't) He didn't mention that I shouldn't because of not only charges that remain but they actually increase! Taking a break if I have to the
skandia said to me they will increase my charges which is why I then looked into it further to find out that only skandia out of almost any other
account by any other company is the only one that increases charges to penalize you.

not sure if my advisor knew this or not but they have no business recommending products they don't themselves understand. education can
sometimes be expensive.


Professionally indemnified??? I should prefer that they were professionally qualified! Have seen ex-policeman, hairdressers, conversation
teachers all suddenly becoming "financial advisers" in Japan, preying on the ignorance of the clients here.

The advisers say caveat emptor, and the providers say that they were only providing services. Try to get one to admit that they are wrong?
And compensate you? Hey look, there's a cow jumping over the moon!

And companies with PO Boxes, no HO, or run out of apartments in Spain or lots on industrial estates in the UK.


Ian Fleming wrote in "Goldfinger",

Once is happenstance,
Twice is coincidence,
Three times is enemy action.....

Complaints about Financial Advisers and Investment Companies in Japan exceed that last figure by a considerable margin.....


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